Roma Tre Announces Courses in English for its students by Arcadia University

Thu, Jul 12, 2012

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Roma Tre Announces Courses in English for its students by Arcadia University

Roma Tre University in Italy, an academic partner institution of Arcadia University, has announced that courses in English are now available to students of Roma Tre through Arcadia University.

This announcement (see below) highlights the successful and close relationship being cultivated by the two universities to enhance international education opportunities for students.

The Arcadia University Center for Italian Studies (AUCIS) was established in direct collaboration with Roma Tre, one of Italy’s most dynamic universities, and is located on Roma Tre’s campus. A variety of study abroad programs, internships, service learning opportunities and faculty exchanges are offered by AUCIS in Rome.

In May 2012, Professor Guido Fabiani, Rettore (President) of Roma Tre University, was awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws from Arcadia University, in recognition of his impressive academic and civil accomplishments in Italy and around the world.

To read the full announcement in Italian, click here.

The announcement (translated in English):

Courses in English for students of Arcadia University Roma Tre

Arcadia University Center for Italian Studies has signed a framework agreement and several memoranda of understanding with several faculties of the University Roma Tre aimed at exchanging students between the two universities.

In consideration of these agreements, Arcadia University Center for Italian Studies selects students enrolled at the University Roma Tre to participate in courses offered in the fall semester (September-December 2012) by exempting them from the costs of the application form, for such inclusion and the frequency.

The teachings, completely in English, will range from engineering to economics, from archeology to art history, from sociology to history of law.

The entry to selections can be made ​​from June 15 to July 15, 2012 by sending a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter to

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