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Week 7: October 21-25

We had a good week in first grade! We began working on our bat unit by reading Stellaluna and doing a writing project about the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Thursday morning my mentor teacher and I gave the Chapter 1 math test, which was an interesting experience. I had never given a formal assessment to that many students before. My mentor teacher and I split the class in half to assist and monitor the students while they were taking the test. Working in an urban school setting is a new experience for me, but it is one that I am definitely enjoying. Growing up in a suburb, I had a completely different schooling experience than the students I am teaching. I am so interested in the differences that I am seeing as well as the similarities! No matter the environment, children of the same age will go thought the same developmental steps and enjoy the same things. I continue to take more responsibility in the classroom, slowly taking over different parts of the day. Right now I am leading the calendar, poems, and read aloud section of the morning, as well as working with small groups of students throughout the day.

 Week 13: December 2-6

Last week of Student Teaching! My mentor teacher and I introduced the new writing unit (Small Moments) and had the students do an intro assessment to see where they were. On Wednesday our private reading in Reader’s Workshop lasted for 27 minutes, which is the longest we have ever had. A few weeks ago, I taught my Capstone unit which was focused on the Reading Workshop portion of the Literacy Block. I taught the class multiple lessons about inferring while reading, character thoughts/feelings, and partner reading. As part of my Capstone I used a new technique called See, Think, Wonder where students are encouraged to look at an image and talk about what they see, think, and are wondering about. I put so much thought, effort, and time into creating the lessons and I was excited to see how teaching the See, Think, Wonder thinking routine would go in a first grade setting. I think that it was a success and made the students think in a new way about the books that they are looking at. The students have grown so much in all academic and social areas in the 50+ days they have been in school. It is crazy to think about how much the students have become better readers and writers. Student Teaching has been such a great experience and I have grown so much as a teacher through this experience!


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