Members of The Arc 2009

Contact email: Thearc@arcadia.edu

Aim Requests: Arcadiaradio

President/General Operations: Melissa Leon
Vice-President/Training: Matthew Howard
Secretary: Matthew Dalrymple
Treasurer: Alisa Hathaway
Station Manager: Nichole Altmann

Executive Board 2009

There will be more information available soon including DJ and member information. If you are interested in learning more about The Arc or being a part of our station contact us at thearc@arcadia.edu or come to our general member meetings held on Mondays,  at 7pm in the Blue Lounge between 2nd floor Dilworth Hall and 2nd floor Thomas Hall. Hope to see you there!!

History of The Arc

Going way back to 1988 WBVR 1640AM received the “Hope for the Future Award,” in recognition of the club’s collective passion. After a few cycles of inactivity followed by brief periods of noticeable student interest, the radio club was becoming a hub for students interested in music. Former WBVR president Ashleigh Copeland ’04 realized that in order for the station to go anywhere, it needed to start somewhere. Despite having virtually no funding and a majority of Arcadia students being unaware of a radio club, there emerged a group of students who just wanted to play their favorite songs for other people. The revival of WBVR started small in the AUTV studio in Murphy Hall. Over the years of inactivity, the broadcast antennae had become inoperable. Instead of an AM broadcast, DJs would plug their laptops and microphones into the mixer for students tuned into AUTV Channel 2 to hear. The sound quality and listenership wasn’t great but dedicated DJs came every week just to play music in the hopes that someone would be listening.

In the spring of 2005, the radio club moved back to its old studio that was utilized in the 80s and 90s. WBVR was handed off to Adam Ochonicki ’08 and radio shows continued to air on AUTV channel 2 via a phone line connection to Murphy Hall. It was far from the ideal broadcasting situation but DJs made the best of what was available. It became clear that something needed to change to transform this old AM operation to a modern college radio station.

The first thing to change was the name. WBVR was no longer applicable since Beaver College had become Arcadia University. The name ‘The Arc’ was chosen as an acronym for ‘The Arcadia Radio Club’ and a symbol of change in direction — a curve in the path. The second change was in the club structure. There were plenty of interested students and great ideas but there was a serious lack of direction and organization. Michelle Purr ’07 became the club Treasurer but acted as much more than that. Her experience in other student clubs brought experience and know-how to The Arc that we didn’t have before. The third and most difficult change was in our broadcasting ability. Clearly, our closed-circuit TV broadcasts were not generating much interest. With the guidance and dedication of Jeff Ewing, Assistant Dean of Students, we began to look into alternatives to AM/FM/TV broadcasts. Our best choice was an internet broadcast that allowed anyone in the world with an internet connection to listen. This was great, especially for a school as focused on the study abroad experience as Arcadia University.

On March 1st, 2006, David Craig ’08 aired the first internet broadcast on The Arc. It took nearly 9 months for all the pieces to fall into place but at last, Arcadia University had its own operational and accessible college radio station. Over 30 students participated in DJing on The Arc during the months of March, April and May of 2006.

In the summer of 2006, The Arc was approached by Tom Macchi, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Capital Planning, with a proposal to build a new radio station to meet the needs of our growing organization. With his help, Michelle Purr and Adam Ochonicki designed the station with elegance and accessibility in mind. The Arc now utilizes a broadcast booth as well a sound production room, located between the Dining Hall and the Student Activities Center in Dilworth Hall.

Continuing to the current year 2009-2010, it is shaping up to be the most exciting year for Arcadia’s radio station, led by Melissa Leon (planner and organizer), TJ O’Neil (expert trainer and station manager), Matt Dalrymple  (writer of fine words and inspirer) and Alisa Hathaway (budgeter of the dollar).  Over the summer and at the start of the semester, The Arc has gained national exposure by submitting their favorite songs to form a playlist to American Eagle Outfitters for their college-playlist store music. Melissa Leon submitted the member’s playlist and The Arc was chosen as a featured college radio club.  We are all excited for the playlist that will be aired in American Eagles Outfitters across the country on Oct. 21rst.

At present, the equipment has decided to be temperamental but we are diligently working to get the station back in running order. Technology sometimes runs faster than we can keep up but we will not be defeated.

If you are interested in sound production, advertising, communications, or DJing, or just love music, please contact us at thearc@arcadia.edu to JOIN!