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Benvinguts a Barcelona??

7:55 pm · 3 Comments · Majors Abroad Programs, Spanish Cultural Studies - Cassie Paulk '13

At the end of day two in Barcelona, although I am still tired I am starting to figure things out. The past two days have been super stressful yet exciting at the same time.

Yesterday I landed in the Barcelona airport at 9:30, and we didn’t leave the airport until 12:45 am because someone’s plane was late. When I got to the hotel that we are staying at we had free time. Because my friends from Arcadia arrived the day before, they met us all at the hotel. During our free time I got to explore my new city. And while exploring I realized that Barcelona is much different than the other cities that I have visited in Spain. The main thing being that everyone speaks Catalan. Which really confused me when I was reading a sign and instead of saying Bienvenido a Barcelona, it said Benvinguts a Barcelona. After our free time we all went out to a dinner, and then it seemed more familiar. The food was just like I remembered it, delicious.

Today we had a day full of orientation things, but after all of the health and safety meetings we got time to explore the city again. During this time I got to purchase my cell phone as well as my metro card, which I believe I will be using alot. I think this because my homestay is going to be a 45 minute metro ride to school every day, which will be an adventure in itself.

I am excited to see what kind of adventure I will have tomorrow. Not only do I move into my homestay but I have to take the metro from my homestay to school for the first time.


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