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The first snow… O wait there was that on Halloween, nevermind that!

6:11 pm · No Comments · Benjamin Honey '14 - Global Legal Studies

Today was the first time I had experienced snow at arcadia. In the fall I was at Penn State visiting a friend and last spring semester I was abroad in Scotland where it was more rain than anything. The entire campus looked beautiful and had a nice stillness about it. I took this time to work on a sound/listening assignment for my university seminar. As I walked around town I realized quickly just how challenging it must be to keep the sidewalks clean. At my home I never considered that sidewalks would be so hard to keep clean. It wasn’t till I was walking through the slush and puddle that I realized it. The listening exercise involved listening to the sounds around me in the attempt to better understand the effects and capabilities of listening in order to further a future project about sound and patterns. After working on the assignment I stopped by the AU swim meet to warm up a bit then headed back to my apt to get a bit of work done..


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