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Euro Trip!

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Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been a little while since my last post. Euro trip, for all it’s greatness, had rather limited internet. But alas, this was was nothing! I had such a fantastic time and all my hours of extensive planning ensured that basically everything went off without a hitch. Good job, past-Laura. But enough gloating, I’m sure you’d rather here about my adventures. Beginning with our first stop…



  • Arrived after another regrettable 10 hour Megabus ride (thank goodness it was only 4 pounds)
  • Reached our hostel, right along one of the main canals
  • Wandered through the red light district. It was….interesting
  • Went to a few of the best bars and clubs in the city
  • Took a walking tour in the morning -2.5 hours of exploring the city’s greatest landmarks
  • Grabbed a delicious, pastry-filled lunch at a cute cafe (the first of MANY on this trip)
  • Got slightly lost trying to get to the Botanical Gardens (though we made it there with an hour to spare!)
  • Took a bunch of pictures of the canal at night
  • Grabbed a very confusing bus the next morning to…



  • Tried curry wurst! And bratwurst, so goooood
  • Explored the giant cathedral (massive and beautiful)
  • Went down some shopping avenues and picked up pastry breakfast
  • Read in a hammock at the hostel (drinking tea and eating communal cous cous, a distinctly Laura action)
  • Played German scrabble (it’s like regular Scrabble, but with a lot more S’s)
  • Went to a former Gestapo prisonS
  • Walked across the bridge to see the love locks (reminded me of Paris)
  • Got super rained out mid-way through the day (meaning I trekked it back to the hostel)
  • Visited a chocolate museum (they had free samples!)
  • Met some nice Canadians at the hostel and went out with them for the night
  • Saw the cathedral and city lights lit up
  • Embarked on a Eurostar train to…



  • Tried Belgian Waffles (with Manneken Pis gummies on them -yum)
  • Saw the actual Manneken Pis statue (pretty small, but I came with no expectations)
  • Were awed by the buildings of the Grand Place
  • Visited the Brussels Museum, seeing various costumes for the Manneken Pis boy
  • Tried free samples of chocolate (needed to be done)
  • Saw an amazing panorama of the city from the top of  a parking structure (thank goodness for off-the-beaten-track maps)
  • Went out with more new Canadian friends for some free music
  • Day tripped to Gent, about half an hour away
  • Tried everything at their annual food festival (we picked the perfect day to visit)
  • Sampled the “Gent nose,” a purple triangular gummy that sorta tastes like Gushers
  • Tried horse (not bad!) and escargot (eh…)
  • Ate some delicious appel streudel
  • Marveled at the historic buildings, cathedrals, and canals
  • Saw the castle of Gent!
  • Tried mastellen (a bagel with chocolate, all grilled to be delicious)
  • Headed back to the hostel to get some sleep for…



  • Woke at 4:30am, getting ready completely in the dark, to walk to the train station, catch a shuttle to the bus, and eventually make my flight (leaving my two lovely traveling companions behind)
  • Arrived in sunny Budapest to meet up with my friend Suraj (who lives on the fourth floor with no elevator, ughhh)
  • Walked across nearly every bridge, getting great views of the city skyline
  • Explored Margaret Island, a park that’s, well, an island
  • Saw the main touristy sections of town, and the famous book fountain (whose pages turn!)
  • Visited Suraj’s favorite cafes, sandwich shops, and bars (everything was fairly cheap, so I could afford to eat real food!)
  • Tried various original flavors of Geltao (coconut Nutella, plum & cinnamon, Kinder chocolate)
  • Climbed to the top of the citadel and the Budapest castle
  • Visited some famous ruin bars, whose insides are enormous, former-apartment sized, and very…uniquely decorated
  • MORE pastries for breakfast
  • Saw the Synagogue, Parliament, and the Basillica
  • Explored the Castle district on the Buda side, visiting all the thrift shops (and getting some great finds)
  • Adventured around City Park (which looks straight out of a fairy tale)
  • Saw the Grand Markets (and paid way too much for a tourist-y langos -fried dough with cinnamon and crushed walnuts :])
  • Went to the Baths, warmed by natural hot springs

And, after a long many journeys, have made it home to London. I have only nine full days left in this city (single digits!) and it’s heartbreaking to know how soon I leave. London has been so good to me, and I truly love living here. Still, there’s no need to get overly emotional just yet. I still have SO MUCH I need to do! Today will involve walking to Camden (while the weather is fairly nice), picking up some last minute souvenirs, and then seeing The Tempest at the Globe Theatre. Tomorrow might be the food festival at Southbank (again) and possibly Abbey Road. There are a bunch of little things I’m still trying to see and do, but I think when it comes time to leave on the 25th, I’ll be ready. This semester has been the adventure of a lifetime, but I know there are so many more to come.

Keeping hopeful,




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