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Rugby Rascals

9:49 am · No Comments · Victoria Engle '14 - Australia

Hey guys!

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately and decided that I was suffering from “cabin fever.” Last Saturday my friend, Tom, and I bought rugby tickets to see the Brisbane Broncos play the Wests Tigers this past Monday. Although it was freezing cold (remember it’s winter here), it was still a lot of fun and the energy and excitement were enough to keep me a little warm! It definitely gave me the jolt of fresh air that I needed!

To get to the game we walked a few blocks to catch a bus to the Suncorp Stadium. Tom and I were waiting for the number 385 bus when all of a sudden a random bus that said it was going to the Suncorp Stadium pulled up in front of us. It was jam packed with people in jerseys, beanies, and scarfs, all ready for the match. We were the last two people that the bus driver stopped for since it was so crowded! We stood in the front near the driver, holding on for dear life and trying not to knock anyone over. I was afraid that if I knocked even one person over it would create a domino effect and everybody else would fall down. Anyways, it wasn’t until we were getting off the bus that I really glanced behind me and noticed that everyone was wearing orange and black- the colors of the opposing team! After I stepped off of the bus I looked to my left and saw another bus but all of those passengers were wearing maroon and gold- the Bronco’s colors. I’m not sure how exactly it happened but we somehow ended up on a Wests Tigers shuttle. Oh well, at least we got there!

The match was intense to watch. I’ve never seen rugby played before, especially by professionals. Every time someone got knocked down or pushed over I would groan as if I could feel their pain. It was all worth it in the end though, with the Broncos beating the Tigers 32-12! After the game was over, Tom and I joined the happy Bronco fans and skipped all the way to the train station to head back home.

I took a few videos from the game and put it together for you to have a look if you’re interested! It was hard to compact 2 hours in to 5 min. but it gives you a good idea of what the game was like and how excited the fans were:

I hope your Monday was as exciting as mine!

xoxo, Victoria


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