Talk About Seeing the World!

Kelley Gallagher (’14) and Sara Volk-Perez (’14) spent spring semester in Barcelona, Spain. Read about Kelley’s travels all over Europe, in just a few days.

Kelley and Sara beachside in Spain

Hey Coach,

Over the past two weeks I have traveled to Munich Germany, Rome Italy and Ibiza Island for my spring break ! It has been awesome and definitely an adventure. Germany definitely had the best food. But I also liked seeing the city center with Marienplatz, the Maximillion Buildings and the river. We also went to Dachau Concentration Camp which was very sad and educational. I liked Rome for the sightseeing. I went to Vatican City and saw the Colosseum! And in Ibiza I just went to beaches and relaxed ! I saw Dalt Villa which was a midevil castle which was also very cool. Each city was so different from Barcelona. My birthday was on Saturday and it was okay but I missed my family dinner and having Easter dinner with my family. Its so hard to believe Ill be home in 39 days. It is so surreal. I love Barcelona and never want to leave but I do miss my mom and my dogs ! Ill be home May 19th and then I am going to Alabama for two weeks to visit my family and sister. I think I am studying abroad again in Australia next year so all of my summer work money is going towards that. I cant wait to get back to Barcelona tonight though. ( Im still in Ibiza). I Think Katelyn Wellnitz might come visit Barca in two weeks but I might be in Madrid that weekend visiting an old exchange student so I have to let her know tomorrow! I will keep you updated with my journeys. Tell everyone I said hi.


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